Pesat Speak Up 28 September 2022

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Pesat Speaks Up is the activity that required students to speak up in English. This program is held at X pioneer class of SMA Plus PGRI Cibinong on every wednesday. The students in a group must present a presentation based on the specific topic. Each group consists of three students, they will be the 1st speaker, 2nd speaker and the 3rd speaker. In one meeting will perform two groups. Every meeting there are also some of students who have roles as host, moderator, presenter, flyer designer and presence maker.

For this week on Wednesday, 28th September 2022 group 1 & 2 will convey their presentation about social issues.
Group 1: stereotypes in social life
Group 2: abuse of power in prison society

Hotline : +62 813-8812-7557

“Sekolah Para Kader Bangsa”

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Instagram : smapluspgricibinong
Twitter : SMA_PlusPGRI
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